June 16, 2010

*star sampler* block 3

Better late than never!!  My memory card and computer decided to play nice finally :)  Enjoy!!

Block 3 is here!  And this one is super easy!  You can use a duplicate square but no real need to, I only did because the Plume layer cake has plenty of duplicates.  Another tip I want to pass along is to save your scraps!!  There will be times you can get additional cuts out of your left overs!  For this block you will need the following:

From your SOLID:
  • 6 - 3 7/8 inch squares
From Print 1 (mine is the feathers):
  • 4 - 3 7/8 inch squares 
From Print 2 (mine is the pink):
  • 6 - 3 7/8 inch squares

    **If you decide to use 3 prints (and your solid) cut 3 - 3 7/8 inch squares from your print 2 and your print 3,  you will follow all of the same cutting and sewing instructions, however, I will show you where to place each different fabric.

    Once you have cut all your fabrics mark a diagonal line from corner to corner on ALL solid pieces and on 2 of your print 2 fabrics.  (If using 3 prints total, you will mark a line on one of your print 2 and one of your print 3)

    Once you have done that you are going to pair up all of your squares.  Start off by sewing one of print 1 and one of print two, stitch 1/4" on either side of the line you drew.  If using 3 prints total, you will sew one of print 1 and one of print 2 together, and one of print 1 and one of print 3 together.

    Now do the same thing pairing up the rest with a solid and stitching in the same way. 

    Take out your rotary cutter, ruler, and mat.  Cut on the line you drew on every piece.

    You will now have a bunch of triangles:

    Now, press 'em all to the dark side *insert evil laugh*
    If using only 3 fabrics you will have 4 squares of solid and print 1, 4 squares of print 1 and print 2, and 8 squares of print 2 and solid.  If you are using 4 fabrics you will have the following, 4 squares of print 2 and solid, 4 squares of print 1 and solid, 2 squares of print 2 and print 3, 4 squares of print 3 and solid, and 2 of print 2 and print 1.  **Use this photo for reference if using 4 fabrics** ignore the #s sprouting from the block.  The squares w/ a box around them is for 3 fabrics, and the others are for the 4 fabric variety.  This is also the block layout using 4 fabrics!

    If using 3 fabrics this is your block layout!

    Stitch it all together alternating which way you press your seams in the rows and your finished result should resemble this:


    1. This is cool! I've never seen this block before.

    2. Wow! you keep coming up with really unusual stars! Today is my star block day, and I'm eager to play with this one!

    3. I have been staring at a stack of 4 charm packs, I think this block will work perfectly! Thanks Audrey!

    4. I love this! One of the best star blocks that I have seen!


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