February 25, 2014

One Goal Update

So far the goal a week has been going well.  I didn't get as much water in at the end of the week but I just have to keep reminding myself to do it.  It takes something like 21 days for something to become a habit right?

My goal for this week is cutting down on the amount of Dr. Pepper I drink.  I absolutely LOVE Dr. Pepper, even more when it's a fountain drink.  It's not uncommon for me to drink 1-3 large sizes from McDonald's in a day.  Yes, I love it that much.  I'm not going for elimination this week, I'm going for cutting down.  Elimination will come later.  I'm aiming for having ONE every other day tops.  I didn't have one yesterday at all and I didn't miss it.  I did buy one today but it's not very Dr. Pepper-y, it's more carbonated water than anything.

I'm still working in water every day and feel better on the days that I drink a lot of it.  I'm aiming for 4 bottles on work days and 3 on non-work days.  

If anyone reads Runs for Cookies you'll know that she LOVES David's Tea.  Well, I've been wanting to try some but I can't buy it online, my brain won't let me.  I was finally able to stop into a store yesterday and got a half bag of Alpine Frost just to try it.  I've never used loose leaf tea before so I was kinda flying by the seat of my britches.  The lady at the David's Tea I stopped at (1643 N Damen in Chicago) was super helpful.  I've read all about the Red Velvet tea and had my heart set on it when I got there.  She must've pulled about 10 different teas for me to smell and they were ALL amazing.  Some of them were very heavy on the peppermint which didn't wow me.  Then she pulled out the remaining winter teas and I fell in love with Alpine Frost.  You might be able to find it by itself in stores but on their website it only comes in the Collection.  It is a rooibos tea and there are apple pieces in there along with cinnamon, cardamom, and almonds.  It also has the most amazing smell to it, marzipan.  I immediately made a cup this morning and brought it to work, you get all the wonderful flavors and then the marzipan comes at the end, it's just to die for.  I can definitely see more of these teas coming home with me!

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