March 31, 2011

origins finish

So I finally got another quilt finished!  This is A Ritzy Cracker Quilt from the moda bake shop.  I used Origins from Basic Grey, this pattern calls for 2 charm packs.  I'm so addicted to that company's stuff it's not even funny.  I absolutely LOVE it, both fabric and paper.  I've made quilts using Figgy Pudding and Blush already.  I have ONE tiny charm pack of Fruitcake I'm saving for something.  But on to pics!

This is the front, I quilted it in a dark brown and left the white parts untouched except for the triangles around the edges, I quilted those just for stability while binding. 

Here you can see the back and binding better.  I was able to find just enough yardage for the back at Burgundy Buttons.  The binding I bought at a LQS and managed to freak out the staff there when I went in to buy it, story is after the last picture :p

And who doesn't love a rolled up quilt??  My daughter LOVED this quilt and was so happy to work on it with me yesterday, she stayed awake until it came out of the dryer so she could sleep with it.  None of my quilts get used until their washed :)

So about the LQS, I was working one day and got a call to a nursing home that ended up being canceled as we were arriving so when we got told to go post at a different hospital I decided to hit up this shop on the way there to see what they had left of Origins since they had a bunch of yardage a few months back.  You would NEVER know this quilt shop exists unless you pay close attention, it's a non-descript house with a small sign that says Quilters Heaven.  My partner and I pull up, in the ambulance of course, walk inside and all the ladies inside started asking if everything was ok!  It sure was, just doing some shopping on shift :)  It was on the way to where we were going to we just popped in.  They quickly recovered from their scare.  **disclaimer: we're allowed to shop on shift, as long as we answer our calls and do what we gotta do they're ok with it.  all they ask is we conduct ourselves in a way that shows the company in a positive way, which we do**

I also entered this quilt in the MBS contest of the month.  Got in in just the nick of time, finished it yesterday, photographed it this morning, uploaded the pics in between calls today and got it posted to flickr.  Talk about waiting til the last minute!

March 23, 2011

Winner :) chose lucky number 3!!! 

That comment belongs to:
Sarah Craig!!

March 16, 2011


Ok, not anything huge but something interesting.

Last summer I made 2 quilts from Hushabye and ended up with a bunch of HST pieces from that a kona bone.

Now theyre gonna go to a lucky winner! Just leave a comment saying what you would make with them! There are 2 sandwich sized bags, one print and one solid. Ill draw a winner Monday!
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March 15, 2011

Playing with this...

When this line came out I wasn't wowed to be honest but a couple chopped up charm packs into tumbler shapes and I am really liking this line! My LQS has yardage of some prints and thats what sold me.

Picture is crappy bc I have poor lighting and it wad taken with my cell phone :)

Ill have the giveaway posted tomorrow!
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March 7, 2011

Giveaway coming soon

I was hoping to have a giveaway posted today but seeing as I'm being KO'd by an end of winter cold its being postponed until later this week. Stay tuned!
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March 2, 2011

html hell

I'm slowly trying to get my poor blog back the way I want and like. Luckily I had an old blog and a test blog with templates I can fiddle with. The new template designer on blogger plain sucks.

When I get my blog back to normal I will post a basic watered down easily customizeable version for others to use if I can.
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