January 27, 2010

a visit from the tooth fairy

she lost her first tooth today!!! i can't believe we have yet another milestone under our belts. I remember the day I sat rubbing her gums in desperation to make that very tooth break through so she wouldn't be miserable, now it's safely tucked away in my sock drawer. *sigh* they grow up so fast!

yes her eyes are closed b/c the flash on my phone is a wee bit bright!

January 26, 2010

how i spent my sunday

yep, feels good to be home again. did some more ride time and knocked out 3 calls. this is totally the field i was meant to be in.

January 23, 2010

so excited!

this arrived in the mail today

all in time to start rachel's pinwheel sampler quilt along! this stuff is my new favorite.

January 21, 2010

charity quilt done and sent!

I finished the quilt! It has been shipped off and hopefully will make some little girl very happy! I stippled the entire thing and used 6 bobbins total! They asked that be heavily quilted so I think I did that pretty well :)

I named it Dreams Come True because of all the fairies and it just seemed to have a magical type vibe to it. So, there it is, my first finish for 2010! My goal is to finish 10 this year. We'll see how that goes :)

January 19, 2010

gasp! wanna trade??

I got my hushabye layer cake today and I'm really sad to say I'm not in love with it. I like the fabrics much better online than in person. I would love to trade for a Verna layer cake if anyone wants to. Must have ebay and/or etsy references, please use the contact me button underneath the header if you're interested.

January 16, 2010

new goodies to play with!

So, yea, um, I went kinda click happy and bought a bunch of fabric.

figgy pudding, blush, alexander henry, some joanns stuff, and I also have a hushabye layer cake and blush charm pack on the way. um, yea. kinda went shopping, but just a little.

I got free shipping on the figgy pudding jelly roll, free shipping on the blush jelly roll plus it was only $26.50(!), free shipping on the blush charm pack, and the stuff at joanns was all on clearance. yea, I'm justifyin' it all :p

What started the buying frenzy? Well, I had wanted the figgy pudding for a LONG time and now that it's becoming scarce I decided it was time to pounce. Got a jelly roll, a turnover, 2 yards of the green damask, and 1 yard of the white peppermints. I'm planning on using the Strippin' Time pattern from Green Fairy Quilts.

The blush you ask? Well, yea that's just because it's awesome and I <3 basic grey! I'm a huge fan of their scrapbooking paper so it's only natural I'd adore their fabric. Plus $26.50, with FREE shipping?! Um, ok!

Ah, yes Hushabye. Love that one too. I joined Rachel's Pinwheel Sampler Quilt Along and it called for a layer cake, I saw it and immediately thought Hushabye. So, I bought one the last ones floating around on Etsy. Should be here early next week!

The Joann's stuff was just plain on sale. 50cents for fat quarters, and that awesome little roll of brown goodness? That's binding, yup, 12 yards of 2.5 inch binding. For $3.97. Yep, in my cart, plus it goes very well with the figgy pudding and blush.

In other news, I finished up all my blocks for the modern siggy swap over there in my sidebar, I've started piecing the blocks from the scrappy christmas block swap hosted by modernjax over the summer, and I played around with making some string blocks.

January 12, 2010

my charity quilt

Downy is sponsoring an organization that collects quilts for charity that benefit sick kids in hospitals. You can find all the information, and request a kit here. I requested a kit on a Tuesday and UPS dropped it off on Friday so they come really quickly. All you have to provide is the batting, thread (no monofilament), and return shipping. As you can see the pattern is very simple, I encourage all you quilters out there to get a kit and participate!

January 10, 2010


Clearing out some yarn stash, all of this is from a non smoking home, but I do have a dog, but no worries he doesn't knit :p
This is all high quality yarn purchased at a couple of my LYS. No big box yarns. SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED IN PRICES! I will only charge actual shipping.

Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton in 3 colors, light yellow, mauve-y pink (not bright like in the photo), and an off white. Color codes in no particular order 39003, 39007, 39004, the yellow has a lot# of 6C, the other two are lot #6A, all are 50g skeins $3 each

Knit One Crochet Two 2nd Time cotton in color #273 which is pink, purple, orange, yellow. 2 100 gram skeins already wound into balls, one skein wrapper included. Lot #1104 $8 for both

Calliope yarn, color 5420, lot 940, very pretty yarn, I'll never use it :p retail price was $12.25(!) there is 1 skein wrapper but 2 50g balls $8 for both

Rowan Calmer yarn, 50g, lot #1917, SH470 (color ?), deep denim blue, has a slight stretch to it, great yarn to work with! $3


January 9, 2010

please ignore these multiple posts

If these posts are showing up in your readers or feeds please disregard them, they're boring and meaningless :p I put in a new menu bar at the top and I'm just filling up the links and that meant creating some posts that were dated in the past. So please pardon my dust as I renovate the pickles and bacon blog!

January 8, 2010

pardon my dust!

I'm rearranging things a bit 'round these parts! Still trying to customize my own color palette that looks appealing to me, thinking of going aqua, red, white, and shades of all those. I've decided to go to a clean white background just to keep things uncluttered, things could change though! If I royally screwed things up, well, you might just find me cowering in a corner bawling my eyes out!

January 7, 2010

i've officially lost my mind!

See that button over there at the top of the right side bar? I've joined the Siggy Block Swap hosted by Rachel over at p.s. i quilt. Total of 101 blocks! I used to sew at my kitchen table but have cleared off the desk in my bedroom of all my scrapbooking stuff to sew at nite. My husband sleeps on the couch so sewing in the kitchen would only wake him up and we DON'T want that LOL!

I have this swap, the Downey quilt kit coming for charity, and my kids 2 quilts! Thankfully those last 2 can wait a little bit. I finally got the binding ordered for my sons quilt and on it's way, the first place I bought it from didn't have any in stock despite the ebay listing saying they had 10+ half yard units in stock. I was none too happy but lucked out and found some at Rossville Quilts.

January 5, 2010

quilting for charity

Quilts for Kids is an organization that collects quilts for children in hospitals. They are generally lap size or crib size. If you want you can request a kit. All you provide is the batting, thread and return shipping. They can also send you a tax deduction form if you need. You can also use fabrics of your own if you wish too. All the information is on their website, I highly recommend you check it out! Kids love having that something special when they're sick or injured, please help out by requesting a kit or making a quilt to donate.


January 3, 2010


I finally got my butt in gear and bought the fabric to finish the elusive quilts I had planned on getting done for Christmas gifts. Arcadia is becoming VERY hard to find and by the time I got around to buying the backing fabric I couldn't find exactly what I wanted so this is what I ended up with:

The backing:

And the binding:

I did try to look for solids that would match but Arcadia is VERY hard to match :/

For my daughter's quilt I plan on heading to Joann's to try and find a solid that will match, I pieced a strip of charms to go on the back so I don't want anything busy for the back, a solid bright pink is sounding pretty good to me!

And as always, both will be batted with Warm and Natural/White, haven't decided if I wanted to do natural on my daughters quilt yet, I think White might be best.

So I have 2.5 yards of the backing coming, 1 yard of binding, and already have the yard of binding needed for my daughters quilt but anticipate getting another 2 yards to back hers.

WAHOO!!! QUILTING HERE I COME!!! Oh, and I bought myself a new rotary cutter, the blade would pop back up on my old one with very little pressure. I got a different style this time, let's hope it works for me!

January 1, 2010

welcome 2010!

I'm so happy to leave 2009 in the dust! It was a very rough year to say the least.

2009 in review:
January I started the EMT-B course, it launched me into a career that has always intrigued me.
February saw a major home improvement project that I actually don't like when I thought I would. A good $1000 wasted. We also lost my grandfather on Feb 5th, he is still greatly missed :(
March I had my first wicked strep throat of 3.
April saw strep throat #2 which almost landed me in the hospital and the end of my EMT-B clinicals. My puppy also turned ONE this month!
May saw strep throat #3, thankfully it was caught early and not nearly as wretched as the first two.
June was exciting, I turned 25, became a licensed EMT-B, and I applied for Paramedic school, I also
July left me feeling a little melancholy. I got into Paramedic school, my daughter turned 6, and I sold all my camera equipment to put down my tuition deposit. I cried the day I mailed everything away to their new homes. My best friend from high school also gave birth to her first baby after struggling with PCOS.
August began a whirlwind 4 months. On the 10th I started school which left me away from home more weekends than not getting all my clinical hours in. I also finished my very first quilt!
September was eerily quiet, not much going on.
October saw me at the firehouse every weekend getting my calls in. Also saw 3 very cute little monsters all dressed up for Halloween, all 3 of them had very good hauls for candy!
November saw my sweet baby boy turn 2! The holiday season came in full speed and left me in the dust! This was also the month my hard drive took a dump.
December came and went in a hurry. I got all my midterm requirements for clinicals done in time, I paid off my tuition (HOORAY!!), I passed my cardiac test, got my first intubation in the OR, and really impressed my instructor with my competency binders. My mom turned 50 as well!

2009 had some great happenings however I'm ready for 2010. I plan on making some major life changes this year, ones that see me around different faces and in different places. So, here's to a year of changes, FOR THE BETTER!
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