February 25, 2011

a question and a sneak peek

First off, who else is having problems updating their blogger template?  I finally have the time and energy to put into fixing it and it's causing more problems than you can imagine.  I can't upload templates nor can I change any HTML.  I'm getting perdy ticked...a switch to wordpress may be in order...

Anyways!  Here's a sneak peek of something I'm working on!

The top picture is pretty much all of the awesomeness contained in the picture above.

That's all for now!

February 23, 2011

Show & Tell

So, I decided to do KarrieLyne's Charm Pack Quilt Along even though it's been LONG over :p  I had a layer cake of 12 days of Christmas by the awesome Kate Spain so I sliced that up and used it.  I have to get more of white, I'm seriously considering just buying a bolt of Kona White, it's my go to solid and I buy anywhere from 3-5 yards at a time and it's gone just as soon as I buy it.  I did a version of these blocks in the Bee Splendid quilt along she is hosting so I'm excited to see how this turns out!

 These are all the blocks in their container.  I made the decision long ago to not make start any quilts that don't have a container.  I bought more containers.

 This is the pile left after trimming about half the HSTs to 4 1/2" square.

And lastly, two spiderweb blocks for this months Bee Splendid gal!  LOVED doing these blocks. 

February 9, 2011

WIP Wednesday

 Ok, so my first ever WIP Wednesday!  I *finally* have photos of stuff to show y'all!

First up is my hexagon siggy piece from my Bee Splendid ladies.  I asked each of them to do a hexi in a fabric that they thought represented them and this was the end result!  I'll show the quilt once I get it finished.  It's gonna rawk!

I also won a charm pack of Fandango from KarrieLyne!

I've been meaning to show this to y'all for a LONG time!  I was inspired by Texas Freckles hexagon quilt piece along and decided to make one of my own.  I work on it when I have time or when I'm bored.  It's really neat to see it coming together!  Not sure if I'll get to the 1152 needed for the 50x60 size, I'm only sitting at 300 something hexies basted right now :/

I also made myself a bag on Sunday.  I had the Flea Market bag pattern from Grand Revival beckoning me ever since I bought it a few months ago and finally bit the bullet and made it.  I'm not too impressed with the size, thought it was going to be much larger but over all it I like it!  I used Sew Why? Sew Wow! and Apples and Pears by Alexander Henry.  I didn't put any pockets or closures on it because I'm only using it to carry around my laptop, charger, and a couple files I need right now.  

not going to try to rotate this ;)

I just used a lightweight fusible interfacing and it gave it some decent body to it, I might use something a bit heavier if I make it again.

February 2, 2011


Holy heck is this blizzard awful!

I had to work before the storm hit, im now at hour 23 of being awake. I stayed over night because my company deployed extra crews and is covering call offs.

Right now were rescuing one of our crews stuck in snow drifts half way up the side of the ambulance. There is a city of chicago plow stuck behind them.

I probably wont get home until friday sometime.

Ive been driving with my emergency lights on for visibility bc our ambulances are mostly white.

I saw an abandoned CTA bus.

People, its BAD!

Please stay safe and for the love of sanity, DO NOT DRIVE!!!! Its way too dangerous for us to be out here, so its definitely not good for you.

Nothing is worth risking your life over in this storm.
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