September 30, 2010

quasi update on me

Things haven't been going well at all.  Found out my mother completely used  me and my money to get into this house we're in now.  She's losing her house to foreclosure and/or the taxman because she bought a house she knew she couldn't afford so she fed me this sob story on how her husband was cheating on her and she wanted to leave him.  So we got this house based on the fact she wanted to leave him.

She took over the house.  She's treating me like I'm a teenager.  I'm not the destitute daughter that can't pay her bills, in fact it's quite the opposite.  I can't have ANYTHING of mine outside my bedroom.  If I do she throws a hissy fit.  Shoes, jackets, camera, cell phone, iron, whatever, you name it, I can't have it anywhere outside my room.  She put my dogs crate in my room, I had no room with it in there and she flipped out when I brought it into the living room. 

Long story short, turns out she completely lied to me.  Used me and my money, now she's trying to kick me out claiming the landlord doesn't want me here and that I'm a royal slob.  What mother uses their own child for money then immediately tells them to get out?  We weren't here 2 weeks before she started attempting to kick me out.  And of course, the money I had is gone so I have no where to go and because of that a judge gave temporary custody of my two sweet babies to my loser, unemployed, alcoholic, ex without a driver's license.  My own mother caused me to lose custody of my kids to a completely unfit individual.  

So instead of my mother having my back she's got a knife in it.  Once I can get out of here and cut my losses I no longer want to see or speak to her again.  I couldn't imagine doing that to my children, EVER!  So, here's hoping I can get find a place, get my kids back, and cut her out of my life for good.  I'm thinking of putting my shit in storage and renting a room somewhere to save some money to get my own place.  And want to know the double whammy?  My ex TRASHED my credit so of course no one wants to rent to me. 

September 14, 2010

need some time to clear my head

Well, I'm finally in my new house but I'm taking a bit of a blogging break.  Something happened today that needs my full 100% attention.  To all my fellow Star Sampler gals, I'll be picking up where we left off in a couple months.  I deeply apologize for having to take a break but my family and kids need to come first.

My fellow Bee members....I'll still be doing the blocks and all but my communication in the flickr group will be limited. 

I'm truly sorry. 
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