January 29, 2011

For Sale!

For sale is a Moda Half Moon Jelly roll.  It's $25 plus $5 for priority shipping.  I will also include a free copy of my pattern Peaks and Valleys.  If you're interested use the contact me button above and I will get back to you.  I do accept paypal!

January 26, 2011

have you discovered swagbucks??

This site is awesome!  You can earn points just by searching, purchasing, having SBTV (swagbucks TV) on in the background, and by essentially just clicking a mouse.  Every search doesn't yield points but I've averaged about 8-10 pts when I get points on a search.  You can get 4 points every day just by using your tool bar, clicking through the NOSO offers, doing a survey, and participating in the daily poll.  There are a bunch of things that you can save up for, the best deal though is an amazon.com $5 gift card.  You can redeem points for up to 5 of each thing per month, so essentially you could make $125 per month just by using swagbucks! 

Between swagbucks and my banks own rewards points I'm trying to save up money to replace my photography equipment I sold to pay for paramedic school.  With my bank, I can get $100 amazon gift cards, and I'm already halfway to earning my first $100 and I've only been banking with this particular bank since December!

And just remember, you can use amazon gift cards to purchase quilting books, fabric (yes amazon has fabric!), and a bunch of other goodies!  This is also great to earn some extra Christmas money too!

If you're interested CLICK HERE to go on over to swagbucks and start earning some amazon cash (or other goodies)!  You will also get 30 points just for signing up!  **in the interest of full disclosure, registering through my referral link above will earn me 30 points per person that signs up.  promote it on your blog and start reaping the rewards!!**

January 25, 2011

finishes of 2010

So, with the exception of one quilt, these are all my finishes for 2010!  Missing is a charity quilt that I just didn't have the thought to take pics of before sending it off. 

Those two that are hanging on the bulletin board, those did become pillows that lived on my bed for Christmas however, I didn't get pics of them because my computer was down at the time.  

January 17, 2011

11 goals for 2011

I don't know why but I've got a good feeling about 2011 being a great year.  This isn't a resolution list by any means but more of a list that I'd like to be able to check things off one by one saying I accomplished them.  So, in no particular order, here goes:

1. Lose 6-10lbs each month for a total of up to 120 lbs by the end of the year.  Also, use my gym membership 3-4 times a week.

2. Get back to being quilty!  My aim for finishes this year is going to be 8.  Less than last year but still a good number.

3. Move into my own apartment.  Gotta get away from my mother.  Must do this for my own sanity!

4. Buy a bigger computer than this netbook.  It's great, gets me online for the things I want and need but I'm DESPERATELY missing my photoshop.  I just can't get into the groove of other less stellar photo editing programs.

5. Put the remainder of my paychecks into my savings acct. at the end of 2 wks.  I realize you should do this as soon as you get paid but, knowing me, I'd only put $20 into savings and I typically have much more than that at the end of a pay period so it makes sense to do it backwards.

6. Get divorced.  'Nuff said there.

7. Buy a better car.  Mine is 20 years old, the radiator hose just completely obliterated itself yesterday and while it was a cheap ($20) fix that I did all by myself (thank.you.very.much.) it's not something I want to make a habit of by any means.

8. Bring my babies home!

9. Get more quilt patterns designed and printed (working on this one right now!)

10. Spend more time with my extended family.

11. Make time for friends.  I don't do this nearly enough as I should!

I'll try to revisit this list each month to update y'all on how things are going. 

January 12, 2011

screwed up my blog

Ok I jacked up my blog, hopefully I can get it back to where it was soon!

January 5, 2011

Back in the computer age!

I got myself a new little netbook so once I get back online at home I can bombard you with my projects!
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January 1, 2011

Farewell 2010!

So 2010 came and went in a hurry!

January-May was a blur, finishing up paramedic school left time for nothing but school.

June saw me graduating medic school then celebrating a birthday the next day. Later that month I finally kicked the ex out of my life and the divorce began.

July had my sweet baby girl turn 7! Seems like just yesterday she was a newborn. I landed my first job as a paramedic before I had my license in hand.

August was quiet, packed stuff to move, working the new job, and getting ready for school to start for my daughter.

September I moved 60 miles from the place I called home for 6 years. Ended up making the wrong move when I moved into a house with my mother. I also lost custody of my babies to my ex for reasons I will never fully comprehend, all I can say is thank God its temporary!

October was rough, I worked A LOT, fought with my mother and watched my ex pretty much get off the hook on a dui. The one good thing? I met the new man in my life this month :)

November is when my baby boy turned 3! Always has been and will be a mommas boy, I love that boy! Thanksgiving I worked so nothing exciting there.

December, oh joy! Holidays were low key, fought with my mom some more and gave up on keeping the cat out of the tree. Worked Christmas day when id rather be spending it with my family.

So, thats my 2010 in a nutshell. Im hoping 2011 brings me a divorce and some stability in life. Next time I get around a computer I hope to have a quilty recap. I think my goal was 10 quilts done and I think I finished 12 plus some pillows.
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