October 21, 2009

a quilty post

As some of you remember from this post I revealed the quilt tops. Well, I'm having particular difficult with the boys top:

Well, not exactly the top but the backing. I'm having a REAL hard time finding yardage for the backing, I'm not opposed to piecing it at all, in fact that was my plan all along. I've decided to use some solids and here's my question, I want to use Moda Bella Solids, does anyone know which solids match the Arcadia line? I'm particularly interested in the browns and oranges.


October 18, 2009

hitting home

In my time away I've been real busy with school and clinicals. This weekend I put in 24 hrs of ride time, got 8 calls which isn't bad at all considering 20 hours of 104 of ride time so far were spent holding down the recliners at the station.

This weekend was just weird. Lots of weird calls, lots of weird outcomes, just weird. There is no other way to describe it. Today we had a call that really hit home with me. I had been in her shoes a couple times before and it's like a switch was flipped. Normally I kinda keep low key with the patients and their families as the medics I ride with take over that part, I just basically start the assessments and get histories from them. I talk to them during the transport, I try to calm them down, and sometimes just lend a hand to hold. The medic in the back takes the jump seat (which is behind the patients head for the non EMS folk) and I'm usually on the bench or the CPR seat which are on the sides of the ambulance. I'm fairly inexperienced as an EMT having gone straight from EMT school to paramedic school without working in the field but today with this one patient I felt like I'd been doing this for years.

I talked to her, I told her my experiences, what to expect, how things work, how to stay safe, how to get a fresh start, and most of all how to escape. She was terrified and her vitals showed it. I sat by her side the entire way to the hospital, totally forgot there was a medic in back with us, just talked to her, hopefully helped to ease her fears of the whirlwind that is about to come in the next few days. I didn't do much for her medically other than take her vitals and give her some ice but by the time we got to the hospital her vitals fell into the normal range and she was more at ease about what's to come. Got her transferred to the ED staff and I wished her good luck and gave her a hug, I hope she follows through on everything and gets a fresh start. We're only with our patients for a short time, hardly enough to make a difference, I can only wish that my story gave her some hope. I really do wish her all the best.

October 6, 2009

waste of my time

I volunteered to be a victim for the T/Th paramedic classes PHTLS class tonite. We were to be all moulaged and made up to look like real victims. That didn't happen. There were 5 of us from my class that participated because it counted for some ER time that we were going to have to do. Plus it's a preview of what we can expect at the PHTLS when we take it.

For starters, it was fairly unorganized. No one knew where we were going or what we were doing. Only some people had assignments prior to the class but of course nothing was concrete. Secondly, I let them use my car for rapid extrication and the students ripped the shit outta my seat when they jammed a back board too far under the 'patient'. It already had a small rip (it's a 1991, the leather is dry) but they made it about 5 times larger. I knew it was a possibility of some damage to arise but that just frosts my cake that they made it significantly worse than what it was. The cars actually belong to people who drive them on a daily basis, they're not junk yard cars. Lastly, one of the proctors brought along about 10-12 of his HIGH SCHOOL EMT-B students. Some of them were fine but there were a few that were obnoxious. I happened to be in this guys group during the trauma scenarios teaching station and he said he was going to give me a scenario to play victim but never did, even after I reminded him several times. He had 3 of his students play victims and 1 person from my class.

If his excuse was that they needed cars there were plenty of people willing to have their cars used for the rapid extrication part. I find it really rude that he brought along so many students who won't take PHTLS for a good length of time to come if ever and that he gave priority of playing victims and scenarios to his students. They didn't really get in the way but it's a school nite and they lived at least 45mins to an hour away, things were just wrapping up about. They acted very clique-ish at times and a few of them thought they were tough shit because of where they were.

In the end, I wound up with a severely damaged front seat and got to do absolutely nothing that I signed up for, I would've much rather stayed home and did homework.

October 1, 2009

why I think Chicago should NOT host the Olympics

I have been against Chicago getting the games since they first tossed out the idea of putting in a bid. Why you ask? Read on.

Size, Chicago is a large city, but not large enough to host the games. I know all Olympic games have some facilities and events that are not in the immediate vicinity of the games however there is talk about staging these events as much as 90 mins away, add traffic into that and it could easily double, throw an accident on those roads into the mix, it could triple or quadruple. That brings me to my next point, traffic.

Chicago cannot handle it's rush hour traffic very well, people are still going to need to get to work during the games so mix regular traffic with event traffic and you're going nowhere fast. Let's not forget that an accident on ANY major roadway here will snarl traffic something fierce. I'll throw parking into this too, our city garages are either over priced or jam packed. I try to go downtown with the kids on a weekend and we either leave at 8am to get to the cheap garages and wait til everything opens or we're stuck going at the time we need to and paying ridiculous amounts for parking. Street parking is at a minimum as well, a lot of residents in the city rely on street parking when they're home, I predict a lot of pissed off people if their spots are taken by game goers. Plus our roads suck, they're some of the worst in the country.

Politics. Chicago and Cook County are perhaps the most crooked political places in the country. Do your research or watch the news, I don't need to go into detail here.

Lack of planning. Mayor Daley would like you to believe that he has everything all planned out and everything is sunshine and roses. He shut down a hospital that served the low income residents of our city to make way for an Olympic Village. He'll tell you otherwise but the timing of its closing is really suspect and especially how quickly it closed.

Public transit. Cabbies in this city have NO respect for pedestrians or other traffic, I can only imagine it getting worse. The CTA and Metra services are great but can barely handle the daily ridership on heavy volume days where people leave cars at home for whatever reason. Chicago doesn't have enough time to fix this if they started last year.

Finances. Tax payers will get stuck with a bill, mark.my.word. Anytime Mayor Daley or Todd Stroger promises the tax payers won't be burdened, we always are.

Does it have a potential to be profitable for the city? Possibly. Does it have an even greater potential to be a complete cluster fuck? I'm willing to put money on it.

Chicago is a great city, I love leaving my house and seeing the Sears Tower (NO, it will never be the Willis Tower, ever.) as I'm driving down the road. Our city offers so much, I think it could offer so much more if we didn't get the games.
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