November 21, 2013

Product love, Erin Condren style and with a $10 coupon!!

I've had my Erin Condren Life Planner for a couple months now and let me tell you, that baby is a life saver!  I don't feel as scatter brained anymore and if I need something I can refer back to when it happened very easily.  I use mine to keep track if my work schedule, my fiances drill schedule, my kids school activities and days off, my personal appointments, and I track my calls from work in there too (we get a call bonus so I keep track of the number of calls I run in a shift).  

Since ordering my Life Planner I have also ordered a notebook with a monthly calendar added in for my Girl Scout troop.  It'll keep track of all of our activities, financials, and badge work activities.  I'm so excited to get that, I will definitely do an unboxing and review when I get it.  

I'm also contemplating getting a notebook, no calendar, just for me.  I'm a sucker for a pretty notebook! Not sure what exactly I would use it for but the possibilities are endless.  

That's my lifeline right there, I've shared that picture before but it's just so pretty I can't help but share it again! I didn't customize the colors on this one but I did on my Girl Scout notebook.  If you're contemplating getting one of these beauties but the cost is a turn off for you I have a $10 coupon code that you can get! 

Simply sign up for an account using this Referral Link.  You will get a $10 code sent to you practically immediately! The email you use must not already have been used to sign up for an account on  Just act quickly! That $10 code expires in 30 days!! Also, if you place a small order with that $10 coupon code you can come back and use gift20 to get $20 off a second order!  Right now they have luggage and lunch boxes 25% off! Can you imagine the Christmas possibilities?! 

Disclaimer: that referral link will also earn me a $10 gift certificate ONLY if you purchase something!  Once you place an order you can share your referral code in your circle of friends, on the web, and wherever earning YOU endless $10 credit!
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