June 3, 2014

Groovebook Review plus a free book!

If you've seen Shark Tank on ABC you might know what I'm talking about.  We don't have cable, or even an antenna at our house so I heard about this through social media.  I figured for $2.99 I'll give it a try.  

So what is Groovebook?  It's an app for iOS and Android where you upload between 40-100 photos each month and they send you a bound book of 4x6 photos.  Each photo is perforated for easy removal which is nice.  Also, each photo has the date and time the photo was taken.  It will also print the location if you have that feature enabled, which I currently do not.

But for $2.99 whats the catch?  It's a subscription service which means you will get charged $2.99 each month whether you upload photos or not.  You can cancel at anytime but they make their money on folks who forget about it and don't cancel.  As for the 40-100, if you don't upload 100 they will duplicate or even triplicate photos in order to get you to 100 prints.  Your book closes each month on the day you order your first one.  I closed my first book May 18, so on June 18 my next book will close and my card will be charged and I will get another book.  You can also choose to close it early.  Another cool thing is you can have books sent to others for $2.99 each.  

I know y'all are thinking about quality.  I read mixed reviews waiting for my book to arrive and lets just say they're not superb quality.  The paper is really thin for being photos and the colors are very flat, random photos also have random color casts that aren't in the original photos.  I could print better quality photos at home.  These definitely are not frame worthy but great for printing photos of a trip quickly or everyday snapshots and great for purse sized brag books.  Also, photos tend to be a little grainy when they aren't in the originals.  On a five star quality scale five being the highest, these are a 2.  If you want good quality photos these aren't it.  I don't think the majority of these will make the Project Life album, which is a bummer because that's what I was hoping for.    

The app itself if very user friendly and easy to navigate which is a plus.  

If you want to try Groovebook download the app from the app store or the play store and upload your photos, enter code JONES8359 and your first book will be free.  

*Disclaimer* This review is of my own opinion.  I was not compensated by Groovebook in anyway for my review.  

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