July 11, 2009

are you ready for this post?!?!?!

You really sure, I really don't want you passing out at the fact I've completed TWO(!) yes, TWO quilt tops in a matter of just a few weeks. I'm the queen of procrastination, that's just how I roll, so doing BOTH of these while I still have a quilt sandwich sitting as a UFO in my shed, is not something to balk about.

This is my son's quilt, it's made using a variation of the disappearing 9 patch. I used 4 Arcadia charm packs, I actually still have most of the 4th left and an unused fifth one, and about 2 1/2 yards of 36" wide natural muslin. I'm going to batt it using warm 'n natural so this way it doesn't show through the muslin. *please ignore my husbands shoes, in 7 years I've yet to sway the man from black gym shoes*

Now this is the girls quilt. It's made using a rail fence style but as you can see NOTHING matches up to be a rail fence :p And I'm ok with that! I had some seaming issues at the bottom so there are little button adornments to try and hide it, this is the misadventures of a beginner quilter after all! As you saw in the previous post I used rick rack and cotton lace to embellish it. My daughter did see it and loves it but she doesn't yet know it's for her. Made using 2 Soiree honey buns.

Very few left over pieces, maybe 5 or 6 squares, it wasn't enough for a full row. I did score a Soiree charm pack for $5.21(!) on ebay so I'm going to piece the back with those and possibly some white muslin. Maybe large pinwheels??

So is it everything y'all hoped for and more?!


  1. Those are both gorgeous! I would steal your son's quilt in a heartbeat and redecorate our whole bedroom to match it, it is so scrumptious!

    You make me want to quilt...not like a need another hobby!


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