December 6, 2010


So thanks to a soon to be ex my computer is on its last legs and I'm just babying it until I can get a new one. In the mean time I have figured out how to post on my phone.

Work is still work, still loving it and still having fun. Quilty stuff has been on the back burner for a few reasons. There is the divorce, a nasty mother, my wonderful kids, and a new person of the male kind in my life.

We've known each other a few months so and just taking it slowly as we both just ended serious relationships at the start of summer. We get along great, have alot of the same views (well we will ignore the fact he's a cubs fan), and he gets me and understands my job. I'm just enjoying the company of a good friend and someone who listens to me. Oh, and he's not a drinker which is awesome.

Life is good right now. Certain things could be better but I'm content with things right now so I can focus on enjoying the holidays.
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  1. Glad to hear things are looking up, Audrey! Have a merry Christmas!!!

  2. It's important to have someone you can relax with through stressful periods of your life, glad to hear you've found one. Hope you get to enjoy some time with your children and that you get to relax at home for the holidays.

  3. Good to read that things are turning around for you. Be happy and God bless! You deserve it.

  4. Wishing you a wonderful Holiday season......and may the New Year bring you much happiness.

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