June 13, 2011

Update on my weekend of sewing!

So, I managed to get a LOT done in the past few days.  I'm really missing the boyfriend, didn't think I'd miss him as much as I do.  I didn't do a lick on Friday b/c his company was dismissed for a few hours in the evening and we went to dinner then went for a walk in the park.


Friday 6/10
-Cut pieces for 2 tops, should go quickly as I'm cutting both from jelly rolls  DONE!
-Finish piecing my bee top, only 3 rows left to piece!  DONE!
-Get caught up on bee blocks DONE!
-Start piecing my H2H quilt DONE! (still have to finish piecing it, but I'm 75 % done)

Saturday 6/11 (after work)
-Work on piecing my 12 days of Christmas quilt from last year.  Using KarrieLyne's charm pack quilt along. DIDN'T HAPPEN :(

Sunday 6/12
-Finish piecing at least 2 UFOs DIDN'T HAPPEN :(

Monday 6/13
-Start cutting my DS fat quarters for a snail trail quilt DIDN'T HAPPEN :(  but I realized that I don't have any solid to pair with it so it was pointless cutting the FQs

And I lied about not buying any fabric.  I went to a LQS while waiting for the boyfriend to meet me in the area for dinner and got a 1/2 yard of Monaluna blenders on red (have a few other pieces from this line to make potholders) and a 1/4 yard of a fabric to match a little kit I bought for the binding.

The bee quilt flimsy done!  It's not the best photo but you get the general idea.  This was a beast to finish!  Blocks are 15 1/2" unfinished and there are 36 blocks, so yea, HUGE!  Now to just have enough money for the backing.  (Ignore the mess on my bedside tables, apparently I use a lot of cups for water)

This was what I had to buy binding for.  My daughter and I worked on this together and she wanted the binding to match the backing so I really lucked out when I found some randomly sitting on the shelf at a different LQS than I originally purchased the kit at. It's only about 12" finished, my daughter is thrilled with it! 

And I bought these two patterns.  The one on the left is Swoon from Thimble Blossoms and I had to buy it after seeing all the awesome blocks made with this!  Best part is it's all made from HSTs and Flying Geese, blocks are 24" too so super huge quilt (I apparently didn't learn my lesson :p ).  The one on the left is Saltwater Taffy from Fig Tree Quilts.  I've been loving it ever since twin fibers had been posting about it.  What I really loved about it was it said no templates or specialty rulers.  It kinda lies, there *IS* a template you have to trace and cut from the pattern to trim the corners, but no expensive ruler to buy. 

I also decided I wanted to make the boyfriend a quilt.  He has been VERY indulgent in going to the LQS lately and the shop has a sample of the Moda Quilt of Valor hanging and he loved the pattern, the fabrics not so much so we came up with a plan to alter it.  There will be no rows of pieced stars, instead one of the rows is going to be replaced with an Army print from Robert Kaufman, one will be replaced with a Marine (he was active duty Marines for 4 years) print from Robert Kaufman, and one will be replaced with a strip of all the ribbons he's earned in his military career.  I'm going to see if I can get his Class A from his dad while he's gone so I can match all the solids to the colors in the ribbons.  Even though he knows about it I want to make it as much of a surprise as I can.  Hoping to make it a Christmas gift.  Also, we're going to do a red star print where the red floral stripes are in the quilt.  I drew up the ribbons on graph paper and showed them to him and he was in love with how great they looked.  

Enough babbling, I gotta get up at 330am for work and it's 1035pm right now. 


  1. Wow you got a lot done!! Love the top & stars!!

  2. Look at your bee top! It's amazing! :)


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