October 23, 2013

Getting Back into Cross Stitching

Many years ago my mom cross stitched me a stocking and I've been looking for years for something for our entire family but never came across anything that I liked enough to spend the money on.  So I decided to cross stitch my kids each a stocking.  The patterns came from Cross Stitch and Country Crafts circa 80s and 90s.  I bought the magazines with the patterns in them from eBay and finally got started on my sons.  His is the least labor intensive so I figured I'd knock that one out quick.  

Here is what it's looking like so far!

I have a lot more of the little details filled in but the scene for this stocking is a tool shop.  This is only part of the stocking but appears to be the area with the most thread color changes and teeny tiny details.  

I also created a little pattern.  It has NOTHING to do with this stocking or even Christmas.  I just saw a pic and thought it would be funny to duplicate in stitching.  

You can download the chart here:  i own you pattern

This download is hosted on scribd so it's a nice easy way to acquire this adorable coffee mug.  I can't wait to see what you make!  You could easily change the mug color too!


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