March 10, 2014


Last week I didn't post anything for my personal one goal challenge.  Instead I focused on making healthy changes to my diet.  I tracked all my food on Monday and it was horrible!  On Tuesday I gave up mid way through the day and made a promise to myself to start getting healthy for good.  This meant changing my diet, completely.  

Most of the time I never bring food to work.  Last week I brought ALL my food to save money.  I work Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and even though I bought the occasional snack $5 a day was easier to digest than $20 a day.  But something changed on Wednesday, I didn't get a sausage mcmuffin like I normally do on Wednesdays, I ate breakfast at home, counted the calories in the app I use, AND I measured it out.  Then I did the same for lunch.  And dinner.  And it's stuck.  I have done it every day since then.  I actually have struggled a couple days to get all my allotted calories in.  I am also calculating weight watchers points too and it's getting difficult to use all my points in a day.  

I actually enjoy doing this.  I need to switch up my foods because I was only eating what I had at home but I've noticed food is lasting longer in my house, I'm actually paying attention to what real hunger is, and I've been paying attention to food labels.  Another thing I've done is that when I think I feel hungry I drink about 16 ozs of water, if I'm still feeling slightly hungry I'll grab carrots or fruit or something healthy for a snack, especially if it's between meals.  

We went out for dinner on Friday and I ordered a blackened chicken sandwich with veggies instead of fries.  Didn't put anything on the sandwich but the onions and green peppers.  It was amazing! The chicken was cooked on a cast iron skillet with green peppers, onions and seasoning and the veggie side was yellow squash (which surprisingly I LOVED), zucchini, and broccoli.  I could tell there was very little added fats in this too.  It was amazing to taste the food and how satisfied I was after I was done.  The portions were awesome too, just the right size.


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