June 11, 2009


Just what exactly is pickles & bacon? It's a food combination that sounds horrid but tastes great! No, I'm not currently pregnant either and believe it or not, I wouldn't have eaten something like that while pregnant, strange yes but I've never claimed to be 100% normal! I just thought it was a unique title bound to get a couple second looks.

Now onto the purpose of the blog. I recently decided that I wanted to make my kids quilts for Christmas this year. Don't ask me how or why that came about, probably because I'm not 100% normal. I've decided on fabrics and now I'm waiting for them to come in. To make this task slightly easier (hopefully) I've decided to use pre-cut fabrics. Another reason I suck at cutting with a rotary cutter. I'm also going to be having the quilts long arm quilted because I can foresee my machine and I going toe to toe in a boxing ring if I attempt to quilt them myself. I predict I'd show up with a baseball bat so we'll leave that to the pros with very expensive perdy machines!


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