May 20, 2011

17 days?!

Can't believe it's been that long! 

I've been SUPER busy moving and getting my apartment all set up, work has been crazy, kids have been wonderful, and the boyfriend, yea, I'll admit he's pretty awesome too! 

I've finished painting my dining/sewing room and as soon as all the boxes are out of it I'll post pics, it looks so awesome.  Next up is the kids room, so I'm going to hit up Lowe's and see if I can find a nice neutral color for their room.  I do have a bit of a paint review, Behr's all in one paint and primer SUCKS.  Waste of money truly.  Definitely doesn't cover as well as some other brands I've used.  My top two favorites being Valspar by Lowe's and Glidden.  I've never been a real fan of Behr so I'm not shocked I hate it. 

Work?  Oh, you mean the job I love that just sucks all my energy out of me?  Yea.  I'm FINALLY cleared on the ventilator so I get to run vent calls now which is awesome.  Bit more into the quilting budget.  I was also asked recently if I was interested in becoming a preceptor for my EMS system.  In our system you have to work with a preceptor for a minimum of 7 days to show your competency with skills and standing orders before you're given the OK to function with others already in the system.  I feel completely blown away by this!  I'll most likely accept because it's not often they come to you asking to become a preceptor.  And I've also been busy doing paramedic students practicals, evaluating them and basically making sure they know there stuff.  I have to say I kinda like the teaching aspect!  Never will you pull me off the streets to teach full time but I'm loving it as a side gig!

My kids are just awesome.  There isn't much more to say other than they're 2 of the best kids ever (I'm totally biased tho!).  They're so sweet and SO incredibly helpful.  They helped me unpack their toys and stuff without even arguing with me and were so eager to help.  I'm pretty sure they love the new apartment.  My daughter is in softball now and isn't liking it very much.  She says it's boring.  Such is being 7 I guess!  My son is a total chatter box!  All he does is talk, and he's getting so good at it too.  I love holding conversations with him, nothing like a 3 year old mind!  He loves trains, and trucks, and puzzles, and cars.  But he hates the potty!  I may just have to scream if this child isn't out of diapers soon.  And him being with his dad most of the time is an absolute disaster.  I had him *thisclose* to being potty trained when the judge gave him custody (all because I have a job). 

The boyfriend is great!  He has some good news on the job front so keep your fingers crossed for him.  He's been unemployed for almost 18 mos and he's starting to get down in the dumps so I'm hoping and praying that everything works out.  Right now he's about 6 hrs away playing Army boy, can't wait to see him when he gets back :)  We have season 3 of Army Wives to get crackin' on!

So that's my update, Sunday is going to be dedicated to sewing.  GOTTA get bee blocks done!  I'm slackin!

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  1. I am so happy for you! Praying for your boyfriend, I have only been working part-time and temp jobs off and on over the last few years. I miss my job as a police dispatcher so I know how he feels. Keep us posted, all good thoughts coming your way!


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