May 3, 2011

Hands 2 Help Charity Quilt

Didn't get around to updating on Easter weekend so here goes!  My partner and I decided to just pick out fabrics and make a quilt with them to save $$ on postage and she arranged for a wonderful woman to long arm quilt our quilts!  I'm so stoked!  All of this came from my stash and is such a random group of fabrics that work surprisingly well together. 

Check out Hands 2 Help!

This is what I picked out:
So partner what do you think???? 

Oh and don't mind my kitty, Petunia, she's recovering from getting spayed, she was rather ticked at me for a while but is now stuck at my side.  Love that girl!


  1. Pretty kitty. The fabrics are fabulous, can't wait to see a quilt from them. Hope you have been able to work on it.

  2. Wonderful Audrey & what a great idea to save on shipping. I love making quilts for others!


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