July 6, 2011

FWQAL update

Week 2 blocks:
The one on the left still needs it's handle, these are blocks 3 & 4 in the book.

Week 3 Blocks:
These are blocks 5 & 6 in the book.

Week 4 Blocks:
Blocks 7 & 8 in the book, the one on the right needs more contrast I think.  I may redo it.

Week 5 Blocks:
Blocks 9 & 10, the one on the right is completely hand pieced!  The one on the left is partially hand pieced.

Week 6 Blocks:
Blocks 11 & 12, fussy cut the monkeys in the one on the right, the one on the left has more contrast in person. 

I bit the bullet and got internet for my apartment.  I thought I could get by without but alas, I couldn't.  And of course I couldn't do the self install because that would be too easy right?!  So I had to wait for Comcast to show up and figure it all out.  Turns out they gave me a modem that they had screwed up in their system so the cable guy replaced it with a top of the line one.  He is also a fellow paramedic I found out so he gave me the hook up.  We like to take care of our own!


  1. the monkey one looks like part of it is turned wrong...the 1/2 square triangle that is above the monkey in the bottom right corner.


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