May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Today is a day for remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice.  The many men and women who died to ensure the rest of us still remain free.  With my boyfriend being in the military and having men from his company die in the Iraqi war this day takes extra special meaning for him.  We went to the local Memorial Day parade and he chose to wear his uniform to honor those who weren't able to come home.  It was amazing how many kids and adults came up to shake his hand and thank him for his service, makes me proud, not only of him but the wonderful community we live in.  He's also decided to re-enlist when his contract is up in December.  

This is for my two classmates, LCPL Jonathan Collins, KIA August 2004 in OIF, and Capt. Nathan McHone killed when his helicopter crashed in Afghanistan earlier this year, SPC Norman L. Cain III, SGT Christopher P. Abeyta, and SSGT Timothy Bowles.  Your sacrifice for our country will not be forgotten.


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