May 6, 2012

when time gets away from you

Can't believe I've been away for so long!!!

What's been occupying my time?  Certainly hasn't been sewing.  I'm dreadfully backlogged with projects.  Almost 3 mos behind on my Dear Jane and really haven't made much progress on anything else.  The only thing I've managed to do is read this stack of books (and then some)

Also got some work done on some hexies.  I won a couple mini charm packs from Kate Spain about a month ago along with a charm pack of Joy so I've been busy adding to my hexie collection

I've also been nursing a very sore back from a car accident.  My car looks ok although it does need a trip to the body shop it's still driveable.  There's no telling what kind of damage is hidden under the bumpers.  I was sammiched between 2 cars and the accident wasn't my fault.  Killer part is my first payment wasn't even due yet!  And I've been rear-ended in every single car I've owned with the exception of my truck.  Maybe I need to get another one.  Thankfully the I have the hexies to keep my hands busy while I lounge on the couch.


  1. Oh no! I'm sorry about your car accident. That stinks that you've had all that bad luck with them. :( That's a great stack of books. I've read the Emily Giffin ones and have the 50 shades books on deck right now.

  2. cute hexies...and those books are all good...I've read the ones I can see anyway ;)

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your accident. I was wondering what you were up to.

    I was rear-ended on 3/31 and the insurance totaled my car (it was a 2003, but there was less than 79,000 miles on the odometer so there was still alot of life left in it).

    The girl that hit me was probably on the phone and not paying attention. But here in NJ you can plead down your careless driving ticket to almost nothing except a fine. No wonder no one pays attention to traffic laws here. Meanwhile I have whiplash injuries; had to get another car, had to have a rental for a time to get to work, lost 2 days of work, etc., etc.

    Glad to hear that you are doing ok (as far as no major injuries).

    I haven't read any of the books you show --- guess I will have to put them on my reading list (which is already long enough to last 2 lifetimes)!! he he he

    Have fun with your hexies and good luck with your back.


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