July 11, 2012

Lucy's Crab Shack

How adorable is this line of fabric?!  I like Sweetwater and all their adorableness but I find myself having a harder time falling in love with an entire collection from them, I normally find that I only like a few prints, and since I live for precuts, I really want to love the entire line.  Well, Lucy's Crab Shack was the exception, I adored everything about that collection!  So I bought a layer cake from Leah over at Burgundy Buttons when she had her 4th of July sale.  Seriously, $26 for a layer cake?!  How is that not awesome?

Anyways, I picked it up at the post office on Monday (wouldn't fit in my mail box), and the darn thing taunted me.  I searched high and low for patterns to use but ultimately ended up doing something of a rail fence.  I'm probably going to add a border or two to make it a little bigger but as of now it's about 47x57, so a decent sized lap quilt.  

ignore the two colored walls, a rack fell off the wall and it has to be fixed before I can paint it

All I did was cut the layer cake up into 2.5" strips, sew into blocks of 5, and squared them up to 9 3/4 inches.  I didn't care that some strips on ended up being skinnier than the others, in fact I kinda like it like that.  

It took me all of 4 hours from start to finish on this one, it went quick!  Certainly nice to have a top done this year :D 

Now to work on my other UFOs!


  1. Great job Audrey and the fabric is awesome. Please stop by my blog for a chance to win a new pair of embroidery scissors that are really cute and some other things as well:

  2. looks fab. I love Lucy's Crab shack...most under-rated line this year...

  3. Totally cute. I bought some Lucy's Crab Shack yardage and have yet to decide what to make with it. It's almost too cute to cut up.


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