July 31, 2012

What a long wonderful weekend!

I'm racking up the airline points!  I just got back from a quick weekend trip to Colorado and oh my goodness, what a wonderful trip it was!  It's been a whirlwind since last Thursday, I worked a 14 hour shift, got off at 11pm parked my car at our city location and hopped on the L to Midway for a 625am flight to Denver.   Flight there was great, got in about 20 minutes early and was greeted by my wonderful boyfriend who drove ahead of me a couple days earlier.  We headed up to Fort Carson so he could show me a 'real' Army base, seeing as the local Navy base appears to be inferior in his eyes ;)  I guess when it's not your own branch it's not as impressive lol!

Saturday we went to Garden of the Gods and holy moly it was gorgeous!  All that red rock in seemingly impossible configurations.  

Sunday we went shooting in Pike National Forest.  That's something I wish we could do in Illinois, shoot outdoors.  Shooting indoors at a pistol range is SOOOO much different than outdoors.  Loved it!

Monday we went up to the summit of Pike's Peak.  Such a breath taking drive, in more ways than one, if you've driven it then you'll understand.  When we got to the top it was probably 40 degrees up there.  As we were up there clouds started rolling in, then it started hailing!  Yep, little pea sized hail.  So awesome.  

We had to leave yesterday for the airport by 5 because it takes almost 2 hrs from where we were staying, ran into some awful Chicago-style traffic in Colorado Springs so that ate up some HUGE amounts of time.  Then as we got about a mile away from our exit to the airport traffic came to a screaching halt.  We saw a bunch of flashing lights and about 10 minutes after we stopped a helicopter took off from the scene.  Once they let traffic through there was a very serious roll over crash.  There were no skid marks so there's no telling what happened.  At this point there was serious question as to whether or not I was going to miss my flight as I only had an hour left before it was supposed to take off.  As we finally got past the crash scene I get a text from Southwest saying my flight was delayed by TWO hours!  I breathed a little sigh of relief, I could now pee in the airport and not on the plane (I hate airplane bathrooms).  

I finally got back into Chicago this morning at 2am.  And went straight to work at 5am.  Yea, I'm pretty tired, a few naps got me through but I'm exhausted.  I'll share photos sometime this week.  


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