January 2, 2013

Happy 2013!!!

Ok, where did 2012 go?!  Seems like just yesterday it was January 1, 2012.  

I wasn't originally going to a 2012 year in review but a lot has happened so I figured why not! 

I tried to get myself into a UFO program and I failed.  Miserably!  I didn't complete one top on my list of UFOs, I did piece all my dresdens now they just have to be appliqued onto backing fabric.

I began the Dear Jane BOM from Twiddletails.  I ended up having to cancel the fabric portion but still get the instructions.  I'm still maintaining the binder of instructions and have been collecting fabrics more to my suiting than what the kit was providing.  After seeing the same fabrics in different colors it really wasn't what I had in mind.  

I bought myself a new (to me) car!!  Finally I have a reliable car that doesn't randomly die out on me.  This was a HUGE moment in my life!

Was pretty much a blur, I can't remember much of what happened!

Wrecked my car before I ever made the first payment.  Thankfully, it wasn't my fault but I'm still dealing with insurance companies to this day.

Moved my mom to Virginia and had a fun road trip and subsequent vacation in Virginia Beach.  Took my daughter on her first airplane and she had a blast, we had a great time just the two of us on that trip!  Also started the FQS Designer Mystery BOM.  I've managed to keep up with that one!

My daughter celebrated birthday number 9!  I can't believe it.  I also went to Colorado on a solo trip to get to know my boyfriend's mom and step dad better.  I had met them briefly once before but had a blast with his family and really enjoyed all the wonderful scenery.  His sister and gram were also there.

This was when my boyfriend told me he loved me.  We are still very much in love and it feels like our relationship has only gotten stronger by the day.  

Was a low key month, getting back into the swing of school starting and adjusting to that routine again.  I also found out I had been promoted at work!!  Still not sure if I love the position but with everything comes adjustment.  

My sweet daughter broke her arm!  She fell roller blading and did a number on her radius and ulna.  6 weeks in a cast and now she is still in a brace.  Hopefully that'll be gone next week!

My crazy son turned 5!!  My baby is all of a sudden such a big kid now.  He's such an awesome kid (when he wants to be) and such a challenge all at the same time.

Turned out to be a wonderful month!  We celebrated New Years Eve at Key Lime Cove, all 5 of us.  Myself and my 2 kids, my boyfriend and his kid.  It was so much fun but so tiring!  And water?  I don't want to see it for a LONG time now!

Here's to a happy, healthy, & hopefully quilty 2013!!

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  1. Keep at it girl...those UFO's will someday be done!


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