February 13, 2013

Doesn't it drive you batty when...

You make a quilt from a pattern that could use some better directions?!  Not going to say which one I'm having issues with, it's a free pattern but it's missing some cuts and the yardage requirements are off by 4 inches but still, you need room to square up your edge and if you buy from a big box store you know you could be hacking off 2 inches!  Always better to round up.  The pattern I'm dealing with now also is missing 8 pieces from the cutting AND assembly instructions.  (I just checked and the correct cutting requirements are there now, they weren't when I downloaded the pattern 8 mos ago to the date).  Again, I know it's a free pattern but it's still frustrating.  And I do have enough fabric in my stash so it's not a big deal in the end.  Just maddening when you're in the middle of the project!

Then when there is no diagram to show you how to assemble the top, just really dark photos when printed off.  I was going to post a pic but noticed when I looked at it in photo form I screwed up a row!  It's so frustrating when you work on something then have to rip it apart because the directions could've been better.  

I know some will complain about directions being too wordy or picture/diagram overload but when you're dealing with all HSTs it helps to have a clear visual.  Oh, and when you update a pattern as the author did at least make a bold note about it pretty straight off so we all know there are corrections!  I've looked at the pattern online a dozen times and there are NO indications it was updated.  

Ok, rant over.


  1. Yes. Even when it's free it's frustrating to mess up because of bad instructions. I made a table runner from a free pattern and ended up having to make it a different size because wrong numbers. Luckily, with a table runner, the size isn't a huge deal.

  2. Amen! http://quiltingranny.blogspot.com/2013/04/sewing-space-photo-giveaway.html


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