March 1, 2013

Dust Beasts

Because bunnies is too delicate a term for what I found inside my sewing machine today.  This afternoon I took the back cover off of my machine and cleaned the heck out of it!  I have a very basic machine probably about 9 years old now so way out of warranty so do not attempt this if your machine is advance or still within warranty, doing so could cause irreversible damage and void your warranty.  

Now that the disclaimer is over here is what I found inside:

This is looking up from the bottom of the machine with it on it's face.  I blew it out with canned air and then got a swiffer duster in there to clean off some parts that wouldn't come clean with the air.  I don't recommend using canned air on an electronic machine, it could damage the components.  Since mine is so basic and I've used canned air before with no problems I didn't have concerns about doing it this time.  

There was lint so packed it took the shape of where it was packed into.  My sewing space (which doubles as my dining room) is SO dusty right now!!  

I also oiled my machine today too.  I found the easiest way to do this was with a q-tip of all things.  Now she hums along as quietly as ever.  

Remember! If you have anything more than a basic machine like mine don't attempt to take it apart and clean it!  You could do expensive damage to it that would make anyone sob.  Even if you have a basic machine tread carefully.  I didn't mess with any internal workings, the only screws I took off were ones that held the housing on.

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  1. I am overdue for my machine cleanout, I can just imagine what I will find in mine. I know what monsters I found last time, and I think it has been longer with more fabric passing through than before too. Thanks for the reminder, maybe I will get it done this weekend.


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