July 27, 2013

Project Life Storage

Since I've been bitten by the Project Life bug I've acquired 3 core kits, a couple themed cards by MAMBI, and some assorted page protectors.  I don't keep all of the core kits, depending on the kit I keep about 1/2 the kit so the boxes they came in were just too big for what was in them.  Plus having 3 of them made shuffling the boxes a little tricky.  I've been scouring pinterest looking for a solution and none of them were both cost effective and realistic for me.  Today while I was at Michael's I found this:

It's the extra large photo keeper from IRIS.  Michael's had their storage on sale this past week for 50% off so it was only $20.  There are 16 4x6x1 inch boxes in the carrying case.  I was able to consolidate all my cards into 6 of the small boxes with room to spare for all the new Project Life goodies that were just released last week.  I will never buy any Project Life products without a coupon.  

The top row holds all my Honey cards, the middle row holds my Midnight cards and my MAMBI cards, and the bottom row holds all of my Blush cards.  

My favorite part about this storage is that it's portable, easy to store in a closet, and if I can buy another set of these boxes if need be.  

Getting started with Project Life can be a bit expensive, however, you can use coupons at Michael's and Hobby Lobby for all Project Life branded products. 


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