January 26, 2014

A lesson in customer service

I know things on here have been quiet.  My last couple posts have been about Erin Condren and how much I love my planner.  I still very much love my planner but something happened over on the Erincondren.com Facebook page today that still has me stunned.  Take a look for yourself.  

I am part of the Erin Condren fan page on Facebook & one of our members was able to catch this before they deleted it.  Erin Condren has been having a rash of issues with quality control, especially products with photos.  The woman this is addressed to is the creator of the fan page.  A woman who has stood behind the company at their lowest this past holiday season.  A woman who had referred tons of people to the company.  A woman who has placed well over 20 orders since discovering the company just 6 mos ago.  

I myself just placed order number 10, for a wedding planner.  I purchased a notebook for my Girl Scout troop business.  A notebook for my daughter.  Several sticker orders, too.  I love all of my products and my life would be in shambles without my life planner (I'm serious), but when you treat your customers like this, especially one that has a true love and passion for your products is absolutely uncalled for.  I would love another life planner but until the dust settles and Erin herself does some major damage control my business with the company is done.  I was so excited to get my wedding planner but that excitement has been squelched.  

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