August 19, 2010

oh how I love my job!

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I got a job as a paramedic about a month ago, and finally now, after jumping through all the legal hoops and orientations, and stuff like that I'm now doing precepted shifts to change my license to a different system.  Well, even though I'm doing patient care I cannot be in the back of the ambulance during transport due to the systems rules & regs so I drive. 

Driving lights & sirens isn't as easy as it looks but man oh man do I *LOVE* the dirty looks I get from pedestrians trying to have a phone conversation and I pass by and just ruin their chats!  Or from other motorists when I have to drive into oncoming traffic, and yes, that happens A LOT!  Or the puzzled looks I get when I stop at a red light (company policy plus some people are plain idiots and think they don't have to stop) then continue.

But I have to say I absolutely LOVE the construction worker today that dropped everything to direct traffic and move the cars in front of me out of my way that were stopped b/c of a red light.  Mr. Construction Worker--thank you! you made my day a little better & got me to my patient a little quicker.

So, a little note from your friendly paramedic quilter--always pull to the right when you see/hear lights and sirens.  If you're in a left turn lane STAY there! I'll go around you, please do not make a left turn in front of me.  And if you're a pedestrian on foot please stay on the street corner, if you're on a bicycle and riding on the street please act like a car and pull to the right. 


  1. I constantly see people NOT pulling over (or going through intersections when they should be waiting) when an emergency vehicle comes through and it bugs the ever lovin' crap out of me. And i always mention things like that to my kids in the hopes that it sticks and someday they remember it when they're driving. Stay safe!

  2. Great reminder! One ride in an ambulance also gives you a different perspective. It's important to keep in mind that it may be someone you know who is needing emergency help.

  3. Good info, don't you wish all would obey!!

  4. Nothing bothers me more than people who don't pull over for emergency vehicles. I remember being a little girl visiting San Antonio and an ambulance was trying to get through. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE was pulling over to let it through. Al I could think is what if that was you who's life was in danger??? Wouldn't you want people to pull over?? I still think of that incident EVERY TIME I see or hear an ambulance.

  5. Great post.....this is a pet peeve of mine... I always pull over..and the idiots who drive by me look at me like I am nuts !!!....
    Don't they teach "moving over for emergency vehicles" anymore ??
    It was in MY manual.


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