August 30, 2010

ay yi yi

Good Lord where has time gone?!  It's darn near September!  Just a little update post on life.

Found a new house!  Yay!  I love it!  Comes with a pool table(!), a jacuzzi style bath tub with a TV in the basement bathroom, 120" projection screen theater, full size wet bar, massive back yard, 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, and the best part?  Landlord pays ALL utilities (except cable & net) and pays for the lawn service!  Been busy packing, moving, and working.  Leaves me NO time for fun :(  Oh, and best part?  Basement is red, very easy to convert it to my red/aqua room!

Lost my camera somewhere.  Brought it to work because we see some interesting characters passing by on the streets.  Just so you know, I would *NEVER* take pics of my patients, just the goof balls on the street.  Kinda like the dude bustin' some mad moves and rockin' it out as he walked down the street.  Or the random lady sitting on a garbage can yelling at random people for random stuff.  Or funny license plates (I DOOBIE anyone??).  Or the 7 rigs we had posted at the same hospital, still trying to figure that out.  Might have fallen out in the ambulance, might have fallen out in my car (which is a pit right now due to the move), might have fallen out somewhere random.  Don't know, I'm a sad panda.

My iPod won't sync with my computer thanks to the damage the ex did to it when he threw his tantrum.  Double sad panda.

Got my little quiltie from DQS9 today!!! yay!  But can't take pics of it's awesomeness due to the above.  Made a different one for my partner because I ended up buying fabrics that totally fit her better than my original.

My cat scratched the crap outta my pooch :(  She got him real good on 2 spots on his back, he's a hurtin' dude, I feel so bad for him.  Thank God they're pretty superficial.

I decided to do a hexi quilt.  I swapped for some awesome fabrics, I need to do about 952 more for a 50x60 quilt.  Guess what I do when waiting for a call??  Yep, get paid to sew hexies!!!  How can my job not rock?

My car hates me I'm convinced of it.

I nearly burned my frozen pizza writing this blog post.

Went to see my friend @ his treatment facility where he's getting help for his alcohol problem yesterday and I must say that I'm so proud of him.  He looks SO much better than when I saw him last and he's on the path to a new life.  He's one of my best friends and I love him to pieces.  He's a fireman and used to be a paramedic and he is the one responsible for giving me the kick in the pants to follow a life long (well, since about 6th grade) dream of mine to become a paramedic.  He let his license lapse but one of his goals is to get it back.  Right now he lives close to me, but once I move I'll be about 90 mins away and that makes me cry, I'll miss being able to just go over to his house on a whim.  His face absolutely lit up when he saw me yesterday and I hope he realizes I'm totally on his side.  I met him working at the nursing home a couple years ago.  I never thought I'd meet such a great person at work.  

Realized my ex is, and always will be, an ass bag.  That's all I'm sayin' about that one.  

Well, if you don't hear from me for a little while you'll know I'm still alive!  Now I'm off to Home Depot to get more keys cut before they close!


  1. All the best in your move Audrey.

  2. Congrats on the new digs! Sounds great!

  3. Good Luck on the move... hang in there ! Love it that you can make hexies while you work.
    That ROCKS !


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