January 26, 2011

have you discovered swagbucks??

This site is awesome!  You can earn points just by searching, purchasing, having SBTV (swagbucks TV) on in the background, and by essentially just clicking a mouse.  Every search doesn't yield points but I've averaged about 8-10 pts when I get points on a search.  You can get 4 points every day just by using your tool bar, clicking through the NOSO offers, doing a survey, and participating in the daily poll.  There are a bunch of things that you can save up for, the best deal though is an amazon.com $5 gift card.  You can redeem points for up to 5 of each thing per month, so essentially you could make $125 per month just by using swagbucks! 

Between swagbucks and my banks own rewards points I'm trying to save up money to replace my photography equipment I sold to pay for paramedic school.  With my bank, I can get $100 amazon gift cards, and I'm already halfway to earning my first $100 and I've only been banking with this particular bank since December!

And just remember, you can use amazon gift cards to purchase quilting books, fabric (yes amazon has fabric!), and a bunch of other goodies!  This is also great to earn some extra Christmas money too!

If you're interested CLICK HERE to go on over to swagbucks and start earning some amazon cash (or other goodies)!  You will also get 30 points just for signing up!  **in the interest of full disclosure, registering through my referral link above will earn me 30 points per person that signs up.  promote it on your blog and start reaping the rewards!!**


  1. I've been using Swagbucks since November and already earned $50 in gift cards to use for dies for my Accuquilt. Definitely a great way to work towards guilt-free purchases!

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