February 20, 2012

First Dear Jane Blocks

Here they are!  My first 6 Dear Jane Blocks.

Top (L-R) A-1, A-2, A-3
Middle B-1
Bottom C-1 C-2
Finished is better than perfect!  They don't look terrible from a distance but that C-2 was such a PITA!  I have no idea why it was so difficult for me but it was, I may re-do it at a later time.  So far I'm loving this project!  Some of the blocks go quickly, others take a little longer, but that's normal for quilting in general.

I know that I have to be super organized in order for me to want to continue this journey so I have my own little system that seems to be working for now.  Each month the individual block instructions are emailed to you in PDF format along with a progress chart.  I took a binder and page protectors to hold all the instructions.  I printed them all off (and will continue to do so) so I can have the instructions at the ready without having to deal with a computer wanting to sleep itself.  It'll also be nice to have in case I get crazy enough to make another DJ.  

This is my binder, book, and needle case.  The binder is only 1" and I'm pretty certain I'll need a bigger one later on down the road.  Since I only have one month's worth of instructions it's just those in there right now. I'm going to continue to organize them by month, then by block number, alphabetically, then numerically.  Triangles and kites will go to the back.  Some blocks only have 2 pages of instructions, others have 6 or 7.  I chose sheet protectors because I decided to prepare the blocks when they come in so I can just grab them and start stitching.  This way I can put all the pieces with the directions.  

As you can see I had a spiral binding put on my DJ book.  A lot of the blocks can be paper pieced so this makes it easier to copy them on my home printer or trace them on freezer paper.  

The little needle case has just a simple piece of felt on the inside and two pockets.  I'm going to make another one because I realized I want elastic bands to hold my spool of thread and my little scissors.  

I also have a little 6x8 rotary mat and a 6 1/2" square ruler that I use for these blocks.  I've also discovered a better way of doing a couple blocks, eliminating some unnecessary steps.  

In a few months I'll do a review of the BOM club in general, so far, so good, I can only imagine it getting better!

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  1. Fun! Congrats on your first blocks! Your plan for keeping organized looks like a winning idea as well. :)


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