February 26, 2012

new toy

So I found these on another bloggers blog (sorry can't remember which!) and knew I had to find them.  I was at the store the other day needing to buy more pens for work and these were right there so I had to buy them.  They're the Pilot Frixion and are they awesome!  They're an erasable gel pen that erases with the heat of an iron!



The kids thought this was amazing!  I let them color all over my little ironing table and they erased it with the iron.  Good 15 minutes of entertainment.

I did notice there was almost a clear haze left behind immediately after ironing that seemed to lessen after a few minutes so I'd be wary of using it to mark a quilt top but it would be great for marking on the back of squares you plan to use to make HSTs.  

I paid about $4 for 2 of them so they're not too expensive.  It's fun to play with too!


  1. We have these all over the house (hubby uses them for marking routes on maps) but I never thought to swipe one for quilting! Haha! :) Thanks for the tip.

  2. I saw mention of these pens on another blog as well. . . I'm wondering if the ink would come out completely after washing & drying?

    I always wash in cold water, but I'm just wondering if the heat from the dryer would be adequate to clear out the ink (and possible avoid the haze you mentioned).

    I'll have to try to find these & then do an experiment or two.


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