March 19, 2012

Dear Jane BOM review

I've committed to making a Baby Jane.  I signed up for the 23 month long BOM from Twiddletails and I have to say for $25 a month you get a LOT of fabric!  You get a fat eighth of each fabric for the blocks and a half yard of the background fabric which in this BOM is Moda Bella Solids in White.  Each month the instructions are emailed to you in PDF format the same day the kit ships.  The instructions are very detailed and illustrated, if you have any troubles you can also go to the DJ blog at That Quilt.  Anina does a great job of explaining how to best construct the blocks.  And as a bonus, there is a TON of extra fabric so if you screw it up you'll have plenty of extras to play with.

Dear Jane month 2 fabrics
This is DJ month 2 fabric

Another really cool thing is that with the rainbow Jane BOM you will get 225 *different* fabrics so no two will be the same.  How cool is that?!  So if you're wanting to do a Dear Jane but are nervous about choosing the perfect fabrics, this is definitely the BOM for you!  One thing I noticed is that the pattern of the fabric might be the same, just a different color.  The blue fabric 2nd from the top is one of them, it's the same pattern as a green from last month, obviously, just a different color.  I wouldn't mind so much if it showed up in a later month, however, in the grand scheme of things, I don't think it'll be a big deal.

After finishing my month 1 blocks, I have a LOT left over.  There is one block that I might re-do only because it looks horrendous and I think I might be able to figure out a better way.  No biggie, because I have TONS of that fabric left over.

Dear Jane organization
My DJ binders
I'm a MAJOR paper organizational freak.  Any binders I had for school were organized to the nth degree.  I've decided to keep smaller binders so it's easier to find the month I'm looking for.  I'm not above getting index dividers and a making a table of contents ;)  The top binder should hold 3 or 4 months, the next one might hold 3.  

And, here are my month one blocks!
Dear Jane month 1 blocks 

Sorry it's sideways!  I took it with my phone, my camera battery is dead.  I will say, this project is MUCH less daunting than I originally thought, if I can keep up at this pace, I think it may work out ;)

Happy Quilting!
**Disclaimer--This review is my own honest opinion, I'm not compensated in any way for this.  Just trying to take the DJ fear away from other quilters out there who may be intimidated by this project :)


  1. Your blocks look awesome! Beautiful work. Row A has some of the toughest blocks in the quilt-- you are definitely off to a great start.

    Seeing your binders is so inspiring! Not only are they organized-- but they look so pretty too! I need to prettify my binders now. I need to buy binders now. :P

  2. I would like to see but the images are not loading... :(


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