March 21, 2012

Such a great week!

This has been such a spectacular week and it's only Wednesday!

Monday I bought my first new car!  I've always paid cash outright for used cars to last me a couple years or so then buy another.  A lot of that was due in part to my ex-husband destroying my credit.  I was always a stay-at-home-mom, never held more than a seasonal job our entire marriage.  I foolishly opened a couple credit cards and he jacked up the balances then got mad at me for paying them, so he took over the checkbook and quit paying them.  So, my credit was less than stellar.  My ex bought a mini van shortly before our son was born and that got repossessed a couple years later.  Then he bought me a crap car from a buy here pay here place a couple weeks later and that was repossessed on my 25th birthday.  

So my mom gave me the $750 I used to buy the 1991 Acura Legend I drove for almost 3 years.  She gave me the $$ because my ex was very controlling and abusive and she wanted me to have something he couldn't touch.  It had it's fair share of problems, non-working speedometer, power windows only worked with a wad a foil stuck in the window lock switch, passenger side wiper quit working, had fits of not wanting to start, and most recently would die out at random times, sometimes at highway speeds.  And on my way to the dealership Monday one of my brake calipers began sticking, so new brakes were in order soon.  

But I didn't have to bring it home, I bought a 2010 Hyundai Elantra!  I love it.  It's still not real to me yet.  Maybe when I write the check for the first payment it'll be real.   

I also found out I won a part of Kate Spain's Joy and Good Fortune giveaway!  I'll be receiving something from either her Joy or Good Fortune line in the mail!  I love surprises, I'm so excited :D

And!  If it couldn't get any better I won the FQ bundle of Tilly from Mary on Lake Pulaski!!!  Tilly is from Daisy Janie and is organic cotton.  I have a sister who's last name is Tilley, I'm thinking I may need to make a potholder or two for her, she'll love it!  

Because I've been so lucky in life I'm going to put together some kind of giveaway hopefully by the end of the week.  I'm gonna go buy a lottery ticket now!


  1. I saw your name on both of those...and thought...who better to win these giveaways! I hope that your year is off to a much better start...

  2. Congratulations on your new car! It is a great feeling.

    Congratulations on also getting "out from under" the credit mess caused by the ex. My DH had a similar issue -- his ex forced them into foreclosure; it is now 7 years later and he is just getting back to normal.

    Good luck with the lottery ticket(s)!


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