March 5, 2012

today's agenda = running & school

And oh Holy Hell did that suck!  I've been wanting to get in shape for a while now but, as always, have plenty of excuses not to.  Well, excuses are done, gone, out the window and today I went for a run.  I'm using Couch to 5k podcasts and today was just a disaster.  I had Starbucks this morning, huge mistake #1.  Huge mistake #2, not getting enough water before hand.  Huge mistake #3 not having the proper shoes.

We'll start with #3 as the other two were moron mistakes on my part.  I bought new shoes that I wasn't fitted for.  They're Asics which are generally highly praised.  I scored them for $30 at Kohl's.  They're super comfy to wear around the house, running not so much.  My left shin and my right foot were KILLING me halfway through.  This week is payday and I can guarantee first thing Friday, I'm getting fitted PROPERLY for running shoes.  Not completely out the $30, I do need new everyday gym shoes.

I do have a couple good things to talk about today tho!  

I'm making progress on my Curio quilt.  My sister just closed on her first house this week so it's time to bust this one out!  My LQS still has a bunch of Curio yardage and I'm excited about that!

I wanted something to track my runs and the easiest was the Nike+ shoe sensor and iPod.  I did have to buy a new iPod but since I hate the new nano's I bought a used 4th gen on eBay for $60 that's in perfect condition!  I got the sensor kit at Target for $30.  It worked pretty well except the battery on my iPod crapped out so it only got 1.01 miles, when I mapped my route on mapmyrun it was 1.77 miles, good thing tho, Nike+ sensor is fairly accurate, I mapped out the run to the point where my iPod died and it was spot on mileage wise.  I ended up walking home after the iPod died because 1) I was using the C25K podcast with cues and no watch, and 2) my shin and foot had me wanting to crawl home.  

Finally, the other good thing today is that I met with an advisor in the nursing program at my local community college.  I just need a couple more classes for the gen-ed requirements but have everything else I need just have to take the NLN test and go to an informational meeting and I'm good to apply.  All my transcripts safely arrived.  Now, nothing is set in stone, it's still an idea I'm floating around but it's good to know that I'm pretty well set!!

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  1. Never heard of the Nike sensor, going to check it out now! Keep up the good work!


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