July 4, 2009

i've got pictures!!!

Calm down!! I realize it's been a bit since I've had photos but don't panic, I've got some now. I've started putting the girls quilt together:

See those cute little butterfly pins? Joann's was having a 50% off quilting notions sale for the 4th so I bought them. They're longer and a little finer than my regular pins and they make a HUGE difference. Only problem, they're expensive, $3.99 for 40 of the butterflies. The flowers were $4.49 for 40.

And look at the little surprises! A little rick rack peeking through:

Some dainty pink cotton lace (on clearance so even more awesome!):

So far I've only had a couple seams not match up. Thinking of raiding my button stash for even more embellishment! It is for a little girl after all. I realize I didn't show you the second honey bun all stitched up, but I went for the quick route, I stitched together fabrics all in the same colorway. Boring yes, but so far it's looking like it was an awesome decision, really makes the quilt.

And the backing you ask?? I'm definitely going to piece it, going to see if I can score a layer cake for relatively cheap, if not I'll settle on a couple charm packs, border out the top and use the rest to piece the back. So, the majority of the back I'm thinking this:

And the binding I'm thinking this:

Oh and the boys' quilt top is finished :p No, you're not going to see it until I reveal the girls top! One BIG reveal post!! Haha! If I did that I'd be spoiling you all, I can't do that this early in the game, I need to keep you coming back somehow!


  1. What I can see I love. I think the ric-rac is brilliant. I can't wait for the reveal.

  2. This is just gorgeous! I love the colours in this quilt, and the little peaky-out bits are super cute!

    Your blog design is fabulous too and perfectly fits what you do!


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