July 7, 2009

hold up!!

What's this?! This can't be another quilt! Just how psychotic can I get by attempting to work on 3(!) quilts at once?! Well, I only have one thing to say, My name is Audrey and I'm addicted to Moda pre-cuts. My latest purchase as you can see is an Oh Cherry Oh charm pack by Me & My Sister Designs for Moda. And don't worry, I've already ordered a 2nd charm pack to be sure I have enough.

Yes, crappy photo but oh well. I don't know if you can tell what exactly I'm doing but I'm going to attempt a pinwheel quilt! Not sure if it's going to be all pinwheels or if I'm going to do a solid square in between each pinwheel block. We'll see. My 2nd fabric is just a bleached white muslin.

What are the lines you ask? See that little 'ruler' thingy in the photo? Made by Omnigrid for Fons & Porter, it's a quarter inch seam marker. It's 1/2 inch wide, has a line down the center, and each end is cut at a 45 degree angle. You line up that angle with the corner of your square, line it up diagonally with the opposite corner and draw lines on either side of the ruler. You then stitch on these two lines and cut down the middle and you have two triangles! Saves time from cutting each square of fabric separately into triangles.

There's no rush to get this quilt done so it might not appear as frequently as the other two. Each Oh Cherry Oh charm pack contains 33 squares, I have 2 so I'll have 66 squares or 132 triangles, we shall see what comes of it!!

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  1. Welcome to my addiction and so many others! I enjoy your postings and keep up the beautiful work!


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