July 26, 2009

next quilt

Ok, yes, I've officially lost my mind. Not sure I exactly had one to begin with but I digress. My favorite color is pink, hands down LOVE me some pink. If it were appropriate for a grown woman to have a screamin' pink bedroom I'd be all over it. If I ever get my own sewing room it's for sure going to be pink. (Wow, that was quite a tangent)

Now on to the fabric, that's what y'all are here for right? I got these from Home Grown Pillows on Etsy. There are a couple Valori Wells and the others are Michael Miller prints. Not sure what the purple one is that's laying horizontal in the front, it doesn't have any identifying information on the selvage.

I've played with some options in photoshop but not loving them. I'll figure something out.


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