August 15, 2009

new quilty stuff

This is a Christmas table topper I did. It's approx 28x28 inches. The backing is what you see in the post below this one. I had a really hard time finding a suitable binding. I didn't really want to drag my happy tail to the quilt store I got the top fabric at so I went to Joann's. I have to say their fabric selection is rather underwhelming. They used to have a HUGE selection of calico and it's just shrinking each and every time I go in there. Anyways, the binding fabric was terrible to work with, it was such a flimsy, poor quality fabric and the design was off grain. But here is the finished project, stippled per my usual.

This is my bag for the friendship swap. Got the fabrics in a FQ bundle from Joann's. Their fats seem to be better quality than their yardage as of late. These are so cute!!! Even if you're not part of the swap go check out the tutorial at p.s. i quilt and make one for yourself, they make an excellent purse for little girls! I'm having a hard time keeping this away from mine!


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