March 10, 2010

more blocks!

2 more blocks for the pinwheel quilt along done!! Before my gramma died i was trying to figure out what to do with this quilt. I debated on keeping it, giving it away, selling it, then I decided that I was going to give it to her because she was always cold and it will end up being a perfect lap size for her. Obviously now I can't give it to her but I am going to keep it but name it Grandma's Garden. She was so proud of her flowers and since Verna has a lot of floral prints it's perfect!

And Julie, over at Jaybird Quilts asked how you store your wip's. Well, this is my way! The large containers are under $3 at Walmart and the shoeboxes are about $1 each. I keep all the fabric for the quilt in the box, as well as the pattern. I put a label on the box, start date, and the name of the fabric. I will also put any other things specifically for that quilt in there like thread color if it's specific.

and yes the kona has been found!!! it was in a laundry basket of clean clothes under a blanket. yea, i'm still trying to figure that one out.


  1. Well, you know, it was probably getting cold and decided to curl up under a nice warm blanket. It's no telling what fabric does while we are not looking. I swear mine is multiplying in the dark...........

  2. What a beautiful name for a beautiful quilt! :)
    I love your storage idea and need to adapt one of my own. I'm not very organized in that department and I pay for that sometimes. Thanks for a great idea!


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