March 9, 2010


if you were 5 yards of kona white where would you be????

mine seems to have run off and i can't find it anywhere! i'd really like to make the 3rd block in the pinwheel quilt along but i can't do it without it!


  1. I think your Kona white and my tea stained muslin went off on a little journey together. I can't find the muslin to save my soul.

  2. In a white bag in your closet. You overlooked me earlier.

  3. Ask your socks--there's an escape route in the dryer.

  4. Isn't it funny/irritating how things disappear and we cannot think of ANYTHING else but "find it!" and then we find it someplace we looked at five times....
    :-} pokey

  5. We have a saying in our house that "SOMEONE must have moved them". This drive me crazy when dh says this because it's only he and I in the house and I know, without directly saying it, that he's blaming me for moving it.

    So in response, "someone must have moved it" :)


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