April 21, 2010

pattern review

Even with all the great patterns out there for free I still purchase them here and there. I made my first quilt from a pattern today (not yet quilted, still just a top) and thought I'd give a little review on the pattern.

The pattern is Strippin' Time by Green Fairy Quilts.

Price: $8.50
Finished Size: approx 45x61
Fabric Requirements: one Jelly Roll
Difficulty: Easy--great for beginners

This quilt pattern was very easy to follow in terms of cutting and assembling the strips. When it came to assembling the blocks it was a little difficult because there was only a diagram that was sometimes hard to see where individual sets of strips and blocks were. There were measurements for each block that made it a little easier to determine what you needed.

Also, this pattern states to set aside some strips for the scrappy binding, I cut everything according to the pattern, sometimes even leaving a little selvedge and I didn't have enough strips for the binding. I made my quilt with Figgy Pudding and purchased the pattern after the Jelly Roll and decided at the time I purchased the pattern I didn't want a scrappy binding which ended up being a good decision because I didn't have enough Jelly roll strips left over.

One fun thing with this quilt is that you can switch up the framed blocks so that your quilt is a little bit different. This quilt went together VERY quickly after the cutting which is the part I loathe.

Overall I'd recommend this pattern, just be prepared to buy some binding fabric and lay out the entire top before sewing, it'll save a few head scratching moments.


  1. thanks for the review. I'm always looking for jelly roll patterns. :)

  2. great review....love your blog...


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