April 15, 2010

quilty update

So I just started playing with some Figgy Pudding using a pattern from Green Fairy, hopefully it'll go together quick, I want a stack of tops to quilt this summer! Any leftovers from this will be made into a ticker tape pillow to match.

Also just finished some more blocks for Rachel's quilt along.

I wanted to start cutting my Plume quilt out BUT! I can't find the pattern! I know the measurements, I don't know the exact number of Jelly Roll strips to cut. Plus my house got really hot today and if I turned on the A/C in April I'd have to take myself out back and beat the hell outta myself because I live in the Chicago area, we savor weather like this in April!

On a school note: I got my application for the state test!! I'll be taking it June 11th at 530pm so if I go MIA, I'm busting my ass studying for the test! Never thought the day would come where I'd be done. SQUEEEEE!!!


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