June 12, 2010

*star sampler* block 2

So because I'm a total ditz I sewed up block 3 this week instead of the block I had planned for this week. So we flop them :p This block is AWESOME! You will need the following cuts:
  • From your solid or another print:

  • -4 2 1/2 x 4 1/2 inch rectangles
    -1 5 1/4 inch square cut diagonally twice
    -1 4 1/2 inch square

  • From Print 1:

  • -4 2 1/2 x 4 1/2 inch rectangles
    -4 2 1/2 inch squares

  • From Print 2:

  • -2 4 7/8 inch squares each cut diagonally once

  • From Print 3:

  • -1 5 1/4 inch square cut diagonally twice
    -8 2 1/2 inch squares

    (please ignore the white squares, I cut those by mistake :p)

    On the back of each 2 1/2 inch square draw a diagonal line from corner to corner, you will be stitching on this line in the next step.

    Now, take a square of print 1 and place it right sides together with a rectangle of your solid. A tip to keep it straight & consistent, put the square on the right side with the line you drew running from the bottom right corner to the center of the rectangle. Stitch on this line. Make 4 of these.

    Do the same thing but putting the square of print 3 with the rectangle of print one. Stitch in the same manner as above, make 4 of these.

    Just set these aside for now because we need to trim them and we'll do all the trimming at once.

    Now, take your triangles of print 2 and place a square of your print 3 on the bottom corner with your drawn line on the back running parallel to the bias edge of the triangle. Make 4 of these.

    Since all of our pieces that need to be trimmed are now done we'll trim them! Take your ruler and place your ruler like so:

    Your ruler should have a hard line on the stitched seam with the edge of your ruler marking your cut line. Cut at the edge of the ruler and this will give you your 1/4" seam. REPEAT THIS ON ALL 12 PIECES!! Press your seams open or toward the dark side.

    Now, take your triangles of solid and print 3 and stitch together. When you put them together if you have your solid on top and stitch down the right side you won't become one with your seam ripper. :) When you're done, press all seams to the dark side or open.

    Now, take the rectangles from way up top and stitch together like the picture shows. For reference my print 3 is the brown fleur de lis. Make 4 of these.

    In this step you will need the 2 different triangles you made. Stitch them like this and press to the dark side.

    Now, arrange your rows like this, press each rows seams in opposite directions so they nest nicely when you attach the rows.

    Your final product should look a little similar to this:

    and I just spotted a goof of mine, the upper right hand corner is turned the wrong way


    1. Very creative, and I'm loving the Plume.

    2. You are right! This is AWESOME! I must admit to being a tad nervous about it. Thank you very much for all the photos in this post! I know I'm going to need them!
      I really like that you told us up ahead to save our favorite fabrics for this block!
      Thank you!

    3. Oh my gosh! This block rocks! Is this your own block Audrey?? I am nervous to sew this one up! Do you have the names of the star blocks just for future reference? Thanks for giving us a completely honest and upfront tutorial. It's nice to know that others make similar errors. This quilt along is awesome!!

    4. holy cow! That's a crazy interesting star.

      Very nice. :)


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