June 13, 2010

when it rains, it pours

Oy vey! What a day yesterday was! First it was crappy and rainy all day, then I went to leave to take back our Shrek glasses & dinner for the kids, well, my blasted car decided to vapor lock :mad: Some choice words were said then I gave up, for a few mins. Unloaded the kids went out once to try and start it no luck. Came back in for a few mins, then back out. Only this time I slipped on the stairs outside and landed square on my ass. I can't sit, or if I manage to get comfortable I can't get up. So I've been laying around on my left side because my righ hurts more. Not to mention the bruise the size of China on my ass too.

Oh and I should mention I did the same thing this time last year, same shoes, same wet stairs.

I also can't yell. Who knew that when you yelled your ass was involved. Now I know. So don't break your butt. It hurts.


  1. So sorry! Hope today was better for you!!

  2. Ouch! Make sure nothing is broken!
    Better days ahead.

  3. Oh, man. Sounds like you need some Goddess dust tossed your way. *sprinkle, sprinkle*

    I had a huge bruise on my butt from slipping down the stairs at the train in the snow - a couple days later, I needed to take a LONG car trip. I think it's a test, don't you?

  4. Oh no! Hope you're back on your feet soon!

  5. OH poor you. I hope that your butt heals quickly and sunshine shines on your life for a while.

  6. LOLOLOLOLROFL!! Not that falling is funny but I loved hearing you spout!! I've never actually seen anyone use the "ASS" word in their blog before, at least, not as effectively as you have!:) I love it! Hope the butt feels better soon and that tomorrow is a much better day!

  7. Poor baby! Hope today has been better, and that your behind is recovering quickly!


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