July 26, 2010

i promised pictures!

And here they are!  I finished my Figgy Pudding Christmas quilt, 2 pillows (well soon to be anyways) to match, a soon to be finished potholder, my quilt for Doll Quilt Swap 9, and got back 3 swaps! 

We'll start with the quilt, all wonderful glorious Figgy Pudding!  This pattern is from Green Fairy Quilts and is super simple! 

Here is the backing on the quilt, I pieced it because I didn't buy enough of the damask which is what I wanted the entire back to be but it ended up working out well!

The next two are soon to be pillows to match the quilt.  My version of a ticker tape and then one made using a turnover.
For this one instead of pinning all the pieces down because there are some really small pieces I just ironed on a piece of wonder under on the reverse side and tacked them down that way.  I wanted to use every little scrap of this fabric that I could!

This is the one made with a turnover:

I didn't exactly want my pillows (well they'll be covers) to crinkle up in the wash so I pre-shrunk the batting, we shall see how it works!

This is my quilt for my doll quilt swap partner!  She's been incredibly difficult to pin down because she's been super quiet!  The binding is a faux piped binding using this awesome tutorial.  I absolutely LOVE this quilt!  I hope my partner does too.

Now onto the awesome swaps!  This one arrived first and is the mod bento box swap from Jessica at give it a go, I did get a duplicate square but it's ok because I sent 17 quarters so I can stick the duplicate on the back, on the fence about joining round 2, only because I'll be in the middle of a move.

Next to arrive was the Modern Siggy Swap 2 hosted by the wonderful Julie at jaybird quilts.  LOVE all the fabrics used!

And last, but not least, to arrive was Modern Siggy Swap 1 hosted by Rachel @ ps i quilt.  I sent these back in February!  So happy to have them home :)

So did I make up for my bad blogging?  I know I have to get the next star block up and will work on that tomorrow. 


  1. Great pics and projects, but I especially like that doll quilt - it looks like butterflies in flight!!

  2. Wow! I've enjoyed seeing all this creativity!!

  3. That Figgy Pudding fabric is hard to make into anything ugly, isn't it? *L* Just toss it on the table, cut some pieces and re-join them.

    I'm in Chicago now, but I used to live out near Batavia. Interesting to see that pop up in your swap pic.

    You have SO many things to work with now and enjoy. Good going.


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