July 31, 2010

*star sampler* block 8

As promised here is block 8!  This one is super simple but a little tedious.  Here is the cutting list for this block:

From your SOLID:
  • 4 - 4 1/2" squares
  • 8 - 2 1/2" squares
From PRINT 1 (mine is the yellow w/ green feathers):
  • 1 - 4 1/2" square
From PRINT 2 (mine is the white-ish color):
  • 8 - 2 1/2" squares
From PRINT 3 (mine is the green w/ pink feathers):
  • 4 - 4 1/2" squares

Start by drawing a diagonal line on the back of each of your 2 1/2" squares.  I'm only showing you my white because you can barely see the black line on the back of my brown solid.

Now, take one of your PRINT 3 and add a square of your PRINT 2 to one of the corners and sew on the drawn line, **repeat the next 4 steps for each of the four print 3 squares**:

Now, cut 1/4" away from your sewn line to create your seam allowance.

Repeat the previous 2 steps on the other corner:

Your square should now look like this:

Now, repeat the above 4 steps to the other side with your solid, once finished it should look like this and have FOUR squares like this:

Layout your blocks like the finished block below:

guess what??  the white squares and the green feathers were originally cuts I made that were wrong from earlier blocks, so this is a good way to use some scraps :)

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  1. Super cute! I love that you can use up some scraps!


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