April 27, 2011

changes are good, right??

I've decided to change things up round these parts just a teensy smidge.  It's a little name change, not for the blog, but for patterns.  I realize I only have one created thus far so maybe I'm putting the cart before the horse but I have a bunch more in progress, part of the reason I'm not around much.  So, now I'm introducing:

It's just got a more professional feel than pickles & bacon and seems more timeless.  Why seventeen-ten?  It's the date of each of my kiddos births.  My daughter being born on the 17th of the month and my son the 10th.  Not sure if I'm going to do a separate website or blog just yet, I'm going to hold off on that until I get more out there.


  1. I like the name. Mine would end up being Sixteen-Seventeen, LOL!


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