April 17, 2011

such a klutz!

Wish I could've been doing more sewing.  I REALLY need to get my March bee blocks out and haven't had much time to work on it.  Now I have April bee blocks to do too! 

Sadly, I won't get much sewing time in.  Why?  My dingleberry klutzy self managed to sprain my ankle closing a door.  I was standing at the back of my ambulance, just loaded the stretcher into the back went to step to the left to grab the door to close it, stepped wrong and twisted my ankle and felt a bunch of popping.  I hobbled back to the passenger seat (it was my partners turn to drive) and I could already feel my ankle swelling in my boot.  I had my partner grab me an ice pack and when I went to take off my boot it was just intense pain over the top of my ankle.  I hemmed and hawed over going to the ER, yanno, because us medical field types HATE being the patient, we really suck at it.  After about 15 mins my partner told me we were going so we called up our supervisor and went out of service.  Three hours in the ER later, no breaks just a sprain. 

My ankle didn't turn any pretty colors or swell too awful much later on and I think that has a lot to do with the fact I put ice on it right away, plus, I'm not an easy bruiser, it takes a LOT to get me to bruise.  Apparently the new treatment for sprains is to resume normal activity ASAP so I got sent back to work, didn't run any calls after it happened but I did yesterday and it was challenging, my ankle is still a little tender and even with the air cast they gave me.  I have two days off lets hope I can recuperate some more before having to go back!

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  1. That sounds painful. :( Hopefully it'll improve a bunch before you have to be on it again.


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